Cubase SX3 installation on Windows 10

I just tried installing Cubase SX3 onto a new computer with Win10 and it doesn’t recognize the dongle. I have the license registered but can’t figure out what to do next.
Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

I tried that a good while ago and the final result was just horrible. VERY unstable Cubase with LOTS or crashes so the only sensible thing was to … retreat, consolidate and reinstall on an old computer with a dual boot with winXP/win7. It works good enough on win7 for shuffling files into the modern world just like you. Other than that I don’t really USE that old program. I might have installed on XP as well. Don’t remember. At this point I’m almost done with the Jurassic Computing Experience (JSE) and ready to dump all of that and never look back. Not yet though …

Thank you.
It is frustrating and protools is starting to look like an option :frowning:
How did you get it to work?

Haha naw !!! Are you comparing installing Cubase SX3 to installing ProTools 6 or something now or are you just frustrated?
About SX3, dunno, I just installed it. I don’t remember since it was a few years ago if it was only on XP or if it worked on Win7 as well. It did NOT like win10, that’s fer sure, and I think it was mutual! :rofl:

It does work here. You have to update the ECC maybe.

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Thanks folks. I kept at it this morning and after failing a couple times I was able to get the eLicenser Control Center to work for me and get SX3 to work. Protools will just have to wait, lol. I really appreciate and am happy my Steinberg products are now accessible and not subject to all the Windows upgrades. I hope they’ll work on Windows 11, just sayin :slight_smile: and thanks again.