Cubase SX3 without Freeze button?

Hello, Have SX3 on Windows XP since 2005, original owner! But the Freeze button isn’t appearing anymore on Project window- what am I doing wrong? Is it hardware slowly dying, or my error? I reinstalled Cubase, no help. Thanks! - gerry

Hi, Click where it says ‘McCarty lead’ with the orange background, it should expand that section and I think the freeze button should be there. There is a way to configure it to appear on the track itself with the record, monitor button etc too, but I can’t remember how exactly for Cubase SX, it’s been a long time since I used it. :slight_smile:

Haha, Yes!! That did it, thanks!! Funny, not in the 800 page manual:). Thanks again!

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Hello, here’s the 2nd screen shot- thanks!

Hi, the freeze button is visible here.
You can get it to show on the track too, can’t remember how to access track setup options in sx anymore though, I expect you can also access freeze by right clicking on the track.
Also you can continue posting in your original thread by opening it and clicking reply, no need to start a new topic. :slight_smile:

So I’m back on the 1st Plateau again with all the freeze buttons, but now most of the tracks will crash the program when I try to freeze them. I was able to freeze one track that had no plug-ins.
I suspect the issue is my 2005 computer, with 2 gigs of RAM - which was a lot back then, lol!
So I just need to be more creative on condensing things down to a few audio mixdowns and work within the limitations. :slightly_smiling_face: