Cubase Sync Tape

Hi everyone,
I’m tring to sync my tape multitrack (Tascam MSR 16) and Cubase 7
I use an SMPTE to MIDI interface (Tascam MTS-30)
My Motu midi device recive a midi signal but Cubase do nothing, I try to set cubase as slave but nothing is changed
Anyone could help me please?

Cubase used to slave to midi clock but now it doesn’t.

I think it’s midi time code. MTC

I had to give up on that idea.

If you just want to get the tracks into digital you can record a click track on all tracks then just record each track one at a time and align them by hand. Not that hard.

I’ve had problems working with people who use hardware machines and a DAW, timing problems later in the song etc.

So you might have to make a tempo track if you need really exact timing, like you’re adding a drum track with a VSTi say.

Cubase can do it though, there’s some good articles in Sound on Sound cubase notes about timing tempo to existing content.