Cubase Sync with MMC

Hi folks, I hope someone can help.

I have a Boss BR8 which I used to record on best part of 20 years ago.

I have several songs that I want to transfer to Cubase Elements 8 - my sounds card only has two input ports - so to transfer the 8 tracks from the BR8 I need to synchronise it with Cubase and transfer 2 tracks at a time.

I have set the BR8 to master for MMC and set up MTC sync - the midi cable connects to my PC via MIDI Sport and I can see on Cubase it is receiving the signal. I have set both to the same time signature and temo.

Problem is Cubase doesn’t seem to be receiving the MMC signals and hence the transport doesn’t activate.

If I press play or jog forward on the BR8 then stop, the Cubase song position will move forward accordingly and is accurate.

But it won’t follow the BR8 as it plays. Even if I click record on Cubase to arm it then commence playback on the BR8 it won’t record as the “play” is not activated on Cubase.

Please help!!!

I have done this on previous versions of Cubase so I’m sure it’s possible, but I can’t figure out where to tell Cubase to accept MMC.

Suggestions welcome.