Cubase sync with MMC

I am trying to transfer songs from my old Boss BR8 8 track recorder to Cubase.

As my sound card has only 2 inputs my plan is to sync the BR8 to Cubase and transfer 2 tracks at a time.

I have set up the BR8 to send MTC and act as master to send MMC.

I have connected midi out from the BR8 via midi sport to usb on the pc and can see Cubase is receiving the data.

I have set both to the same time signature and tempo.

If I press play or jog forward etc. Cubase does not follow in real time but WILL jump to the correct position when I stop.

So it must be receiving the MTC but without MMC even if I click record it will not record as play is not activated from the MMC.

I cant for the life of me figure out where to set Cubase to receive the MMC - although I’m sure it can as I have sucessfully done this set up before on older versions of preview.

Anyone any ideas?