Cubase TeeShirts

I know this is a user forum but i also know SB staff frequent the joint so :

Please could you make Cubase merchandise available, i’m still wearing my old Cubase 7.5 Teeshirt to this day but it’s a little bit to small now :rofl:, plus i have a Cubase mouse mat from the same era , it would be fantastic if you would release up to date Teeshirt’s and merchandize .


I want a T-shirt with the control room panel on the front. Other Cubase users would know!

Could you vote then please

Better use your votes for program feature requests, you only have a few of them and there are improvements on the waiting list which are really needed!

That’s down to individuals to choose , that’s what voting’s for

Can I have a T-shirt with the crash startup dialog? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: