Cubase thinks I have a limited license when I have a full?

I activated it all and such yesterday when I got the TASCAM-800 and have been mainly fiddling around with just one recording. My e-licenser even says Cubase LE5 - limited license, the MP3 Encoder - limited, and Cubase LE5 - full.

I exported one song as an mp3, and it then told me I have 19 encodings left until some day in mid January.
So, does Cubase not know I have full usage to Cubase LE5, or do I have to get a full license for the MP3 Encoder? If I need a full license for the MP3 Encoder, how & where do I get it and why doesn’t that just come built in with Cubase?

Thanks for any and all help. I’m just a guy.

Only full Cubase has a full mp3 encoder license. You can also find this info in the manual, btw.
The upgrade patch canm be found on in th steinberg shop - also not really hard to find.

why would Steinberg do that? it’s easy enough to export as wav and convert to mp3 in itunes or almost any other program. So Steinberg really wants to make $30 off making me add 3 minutes to creating an mp3? smooth business decision.

Seeing as Steiny has to pay for the license themselves, why would they give it away in the free version of the software?

So here´s your solution…

The version I have was not free and it didn’t come with free encoding. I bought a recording and editing program. Isn’t exporting and converting a part of editing? “Elements6” The up grade is $15 not $30

Obviously you too should have informed yourself a little better, before going and blindly buying things…