Cubase timestretch WITHOUT preserving pitch

Is it possible to change the length of an audio clip in Cubase 7 via dragging in the project timeline without using any of Cubase’s fancy time/pitch shifting algorithms? I want to change the length of a drum loop and have the pitch change accordingly, just like it would if slowing down or speeding up on a record player.

As far as I know this can be done by transposing the audio, but dragging in the time line is really convenient when needing to match tempo. For example using a 120bpm drum loop in a 127bmp project.

Cubase’s time/pitch stretching algorithms are great but sometimes I want the old school sound you’d hear if you were using a sampler or piece of vinyl.

Right now I’m using Cubase 6.5 which can’t do this. If Cubase 7 can, I will upgrade right now!

Change the events algorithm in the Pool…there’s one that allows this feature

It’s called Elastique Tape.

In Cubase6.5 Elastique Tape adds some odd, horrible sounding artifacts to the beginning of an audio clip. Does it do this is Cubase7? Either way the artifacts make me think the Elastique tape mode is still doing some processing. I would like cubase to just do a basic resample, no fancy stuff.

Is that the Elastique Tape mode Grim mentioned above?

It is still doing some processing…not sure why.

If you just want pure speeding/slowing of the audio like a sampler, use a simple vst sampler.

Thanks Grim. I was really hoping Steinberg had changed this in Cubase7. Using a VST sampler is no problem but it would be a whole lot easier to be able to do this on the audio track. :cry:

I’m also starting to play with recording modular CV signals via the Expert Sleeper modules. Think LFO and gate signals. I think it will be really useful to have Cubase sending LFO signals directly to the modular. Things will be in sync from take to take. A straight time stretch without preserving pitch would be super useful for stretch/shrinking the LFO signals.

yes, elastique is still broken (has never been impemented correctly to be precise).

Is there still no way to do this in 2017!?

What actual version are you using and what exactly would you like to do?
I assume Cubase 9 as it’s 2017!?