Cubase to Cubasis?

I see that you can import Cubasis songs into Cubase. Is it possible to import a Cubase song into Cubasis? Wholly or partially? If not now, are there plans for this?

IMO, it would be cool to take an idea started in Cubase, load it into Cubasis to play with, and then move it back.

There are plans for this as this question came up internally as well but I have no details so far.

Aloha n and +1.
Great idea.
One work-a-round might be to export your Cubase work
to separate MIDI and audio files and then import them into Cubasis.

Klugy yes but that way if I had to leave home for a few days I could still
take some work with me.

Definitely on the wish list for me…

This would make it a killer app companion to Cubase. I could spend downtime on the road mixing projects and them port them back into Cubase for refinement.

As long as you don’t mind downsampling to 16 bit!