Cubase to Dorico : loading the correct instruments

I have made an arrangement in Cubase and import it into Dorico (Music XML). I have emty ‘players’ in Dorico now and yes … I’m new with Cubase Pro 9. Is it possible to set this instruments in Cubase so it will loaded automaticly in Dorico?

Hopefully if you choose appropriate track names in Cubase, you should find that Dorico uses this information to choose appropriate instruments when you import, but if you find that you end up with the wrong instruments, it really doesn’t take long to change them in Setup mode in Dorico (expand the player, click on the instrument held by the player to show the context menu, choose Change Instrument from the menu).

When I change the instrument (change instrument) the staff settings won’t be changed. Baritonsax, trombone and bass display the treble cleff instead of bas cleff. Adding an new trombone player will display the bass clef in the part.

Instrument names from Cubase are not imported. I will look to this.

When you import MusicXML files, explicit clefs are created at the start of each staff. You can select those clefs and delete them, and then you will see the default clef specified by the instrument.

Thanks! Thats the trick, I don’t know that they are created as explicit clefs.

For the instrument names: I have add those names in the score editor in Cubase, than it works. Trackname where not imported