Cubase to remember factory sounds ratings across installs

With VST3 presets I can at least do some managing of my own to try and make my presets the same across my installs. *With VST3 presets it would be nice to be slightly more flexible and to allow for scanning these from any directory. (currently we are limited to the factory user/Documents/VSTpresets folder.

With factory sounds ratings there is no control that I am aware of. If I have spent some time to rate some factory presets (eg. Halion, GA, Cubase) these presets aren’t saved easily. I am not aware which file they are stored in and that might help but I would much rather have a more controlled system for factory sounds.
Can these be added as a feature of my Steinberg cloud or something similar? I know there have been some feature requests for items such as
-transferring settings from upgrade/reinstall,
-storing preferences automatically
-more settings such as templates, expression maps, drum maps, midi keyboard profiles, etc.