Cubase track eq spectrum analyzer slope

Hello, i know it s available in frequency plugin and supervision, but is it possible to change the slope of the track eq spectrum analyzer in cubase 12 or 13?

Can you expand on what you mean by this?

Yes on the display of the sptrectrum analyzer i would like to tilt the display about 4.5db/oct, because it represent more the way we (or i ) perceived loudness

You can’t set the slope on the analyzer, it’s fixed to flat = white noise. You have to use the frequency plugin.

Thx,that was also my conclusion,…so another thing to add on the wishlist for cubase or better add the analyzer we want instead the “basic” eq spectrum analyzer

You can also use the supervision, it’s a nice versatile plug-in.

Yes i use it already, but i would like to see it quickly directly on the track instead of opening a plugin (i also have it in fabfilter pro q3)