Cubase & Trackspacer/East West Play Engine

Im running Cubase Pro 11 on a 2013 Mac Pro Trashcan using Mojave (12 Core, 64 GB Memory, Dual 700 AMD FirePro Video Cards). Im running 3 video monitors all active during any project and all programs and plugins are fully updated. The buffer size is set to 2048 when I am mixing.

The issue is as follows…my average load in the performance meters peaks and I get drop outs when the following happens:

  • If I activate more than four Trackspacer plugins

  • If I activate a Trackspacer plugin on a Electric Guitar Audio Channel and send both the lead vocal and the crushed lead vocal channels to the side chain on that Trackspacer Plugin

  • If I use the East West Play Engine with the following samples “Hollywood Pop Brass” or “Hollywood Backup SIngers”

Is there anyway the issues I am experience are due to the Graphic Cards??

Has anyone else been experiencing these issues?

Looking forward to hearing some feedback this.



It sounds me, like the CPU need more loads if you use multiple instances of the EastWest (or other plug-ins). Just increase the Buffer Size, please.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply.

The Buffer size is already at its max at 2048.

I am using 2 UAD Apollo X8’s



Then it seems, the plug-ins are really CPU hungry. I’m afraid there is no way around but to freeze the tracks.