Cubase Transport Control with Pad Controller

I have a midi controller (Akai MPK mini MK3) I am using with Cubase 9.5. It does not have dedicated transport control buttons and I am trying to see if I can set it up so that I use the can use the pads to control the Cubase transport.

I created a Generic Remote in Cubase, one for start, one for stop, each with an initial midi status of ‘Control’:

With ‘Learn’ selected, I select the start control then press one pad, then select the stop control and press a different pad, then apply. The result it this:

Notice the midi status of the control changes to ‘Note Off’. And the the pads have no effect on the start or stop of the transport.

On the other hand if I created the same controls, and I turn a knob on the midi controller instead of hitting a pad for ‘Learn’, it functions perfectly. One knob will start the transport, the other stops it (but I don’t want to control the transport with knobs):

The controller does not have any kind of DAW-specific setup. It does have an editor:

I don’t know much about midi details, CC’s, etc, so I don’t know if this is something that just can’t be done with pads for any make of controller, or if it is specific to this controller, or if there is something I can change in the editor to make it work.

I got this controller with no expectations of being able to do this and I know there are others in the price range with that ability. But I like it for it’s small footprint and what it does do and it seems to get decent reviews. I was planning to get a separate control surface like the Behringer X-touch One for more full featured (and compact) transport control. Just trying to see if I can squeeze a little more mileage out of this tiny little thing before I do that.

Tru turning off Learn before you release the note on the pad, or manually change the the note offs to note ons.

That did it. Also I had to turn off aftertouch in the controller’s midi editor. It was making it so that I had to hold the pad for a few seconds to make the control work.