Cubase Trial OR Email to Support?


Would anybody happen to know either where you can download the Mac OSX 10.5.8 Cubase 5 trial so that I can install and license it using my Cubase license? OR, perhaps someone might know the email address to contact Cubase myself. I’ve been searching all over the place in My Steinberg and it keeps taking me to the FAQ, Forums, or my Licenses page. I feel like I’m chasing my tail here. Companies these days definitely do not want customers emailing them. I have heard they will issue a link to licensed users, but I need to first find the email…laugh.

Thanks for any info. Regards, Jim

Officially, the way to get support is to log into your “My Steinberg” account, select the product in your list of registered products, and then click, “Request Support”.

Oh, if only it were that simple…laugh. I understand there is a link somewhere but I’m not finding it yet either on the English US site or the Japanese one which mirrors the same thing. I’m sure it’s there but I’m having to work in order to find it…laugh. Thanks very much for the response and I’ll check again or just email direct with an address I got from another post. Much appreciated.
It is at the top of the Steinberg Home Page.
The link says, “My Steinberg”.