Cubase trial version

I need to test any cubase elements version on a 32 bit system with my old M-Audio Delta 1010. I see most cubase versions are for 64 bits system. I managed to install one Cubase Elements 7 but I have no license to test it. Is there any trial versions around?? Where to get it??
My system is PC - Win7 Ultimate, 2.4 GHz Intel core 2 Quad 6600- 32 bit
I want to ultimately purchase one copy of the software that will work on my system.
The Cubase Elements that is available online is for 64 bits windows. I will not take the risk of it not installing on my system. I don’t know who can help me on this issue. Please I need somebody to point me in the right direction

Your only hope is to find an old version somewhere I’m afraid.

Steinberg don’t sell older versions and Cubase 9 (all versions) is 64 bit only.

Thank you for reply…Will try to find …hopefully

I don’t know where you are but I see you can still pick it up on some internet shops here in the UK. Probably in physical shops too.

I know you don’t want version 9 but if you can find a version of 8 and buy it when you activate it you’ll also be entitled to a free upgrade to 9.

Will I be able to use Version 9 on iMac and still using Version 8 on PC after upgrade???
Will check Ebay and other shops

Yes but only if you also get a USB Licenser (available from the Steinberg shop or elsewhere).

Elements can sit on a single computer using just electronic licensing but can be used on one computer at a time if you have the licence on one of Steinberg’s dongles. Since you’ll get the free upgrade you would indeed be able to install 9 on your Mac and the old 8 version on your old PC.

As long as the USB dongle is plugged in you’ll be able to use the software on that computer.

Hope that makes sense!

Thank You…I do have a USB dongle with Wavelab license on it.
My question is : If I go the other way and buy the Version 9 straight away …Will the lower versions like 8 or 7 also work??

The problem is getting them…you can’t just download the lower versions unless you originally bought them. I’m not sure what the situation would be if you could find an old disk but had the 9 license on the dongle. That should allow you to run the older version but I couldn’t be absolutely sure that it would.

You can download Elements 7.0.80 from the Steinberg website, and if you contact the steinberg support, they will most likely provide you with a link to the Elements 8 download also.