Cubase tries opening Waves folder at start up

Hello fellow Cubasians,

Yesterday I’ve purchased the Waves Trueverb plugin (a bargain). After installing everything works okay, except that every time I start up Cubase 7.52 (64 bit) the program (Cubase) wants to open a folder. It says it’s looking for a Waves folder, but it’s the folder of my last opened song. Opening folders with Waves software doesn’t help.

This doesn’t happen with Ableton Live 9 (64 bit) so it seems to be a Cubase problem. I’m using Windows 8.1.
Does anyone have a clue?

I had the same problem and I solved the problem by Choosing the right folder. It will probably asked 64bit folder…Not 32bit.

I think at you can find a right folder: Programs…Waves and waves plug-ins.

Thanx Henry,

Doesn’t seem to work with me however. If I select that Waves folder I always return to the folder of my last song.

What is happening is that the Waves wrapper VST plugin (which is what loads into Cubase) is trying to find the folder that the actual Waves plugins themselves reside in. Generally it will be C:/program files/waves/plugins or something (or the 32 bit equivalent). Once it finds them then it will scan them all and then won’t require to be pointed to that folder again next time you start up Cubase, unless you change or add specific Waves plugins.

Hi Stephan and Henry,

Thanks for your answers. However pointing to folders didn’t work. So I contacted Waves. They answered very quickly and told me to uninstall and reinstall everything. That worked. Didn’t take too long.

I tried and succeeded you follow me: (waves 8.0 plusgins foder)
Select the path: C: \ Program Files \ Waves \ Plug-Ins