Cubase & UCX interface

Hello, Recently I purchased RME UCX interface. I am facing just one problem at the moment that is of the Channel volume. I have 2 keyboards. One is Korg PA3X and the other is Yamaha MOXF8 the internal and external volume for both keyboards are full. I have connected both the keyboards with UCX, PA3X connected via SPDIF and MOXF8 connected via Analog left, right channel 5/6, just for audio purpose. The MIDI via USB is connected to the PC of both the keyboards. Everything is working perfect MIDI and audio recording in Cubase.
I have a screen shot of Cubase and UCX Total mix, in which I have marked (in red) the inputs of MOXF and Korg PA3X and VSTI. The volume of all VSTI and keyboards is maximum but still the volume is low.
I have discussed all this in the RME forum

Anyhow they have said…………
“Use the channel gain in Cubase. It is separate from the volume fader.”
Please can someone guide me on how to do this step by step kindly.
If there is anything else I can do to gain volume then please let me know!

A couple of thoughts…

  • A screenshot of the mixconsole would be helpful to see the relationships of all the track gain settings.

  • In the Cubase Project>Project Setup menu set the “Volume Max” setting to +12dB.

  • I don’t see the main “Stereo Out” fader level (as seen in the mixconsole). Maybe you have the main output fader set low and the audio tracks are set high. These settings might give the impression that the midi is low.

  • I don’t have the RME UCX interface so I can’t comment exactly on its available settings but, is it possible that you don’t have the volume control going to your monitors (or headphones) set high enough? This, in concert with incorrect track volume settings I previously mentioned might be giving you the impression that midi is low while audio is OK.

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Take a look at the gain settings in the TotalMix Matrix. I think you access it by ctrl-X. Maybe one of the gains there is set too low. Then use ctrl-M to get back to the main mixer view.

Inputs 1/2 and 3/4 have additional analogue gain on the UCX, if you don´t already have them in use.

Hello, thanks for replying I have sent a screen shot which shows I have put everything to max in Cubase project set up but still I am not getting max volume……. I have put my faders to “0 db” but as you can see the green bar is barely going to half way up about minus 5-6 db………. I am really stuck I have projects on hold because of this.
Please note that the pic “UCX pic2” shows UCX mixer volume low and Cubase internal volume is normal/fine. But |I can’t hear the real volume because of UCX that’s why I think the Problem is with UCX.
I don’t understand that I have put my Keyboard at maximum out then why is UCX not recognizing this volume and reading it lower???

BaseCu, Yes the UCX TotalMix Matrix matrix control is at normal 0db volume.

It looks like you may have some FX loaded in TotalMix. Try unloading all of them – i.e., take them completely out of the input signal path. Also, take a look at the UCX signal flow diagram in the manual – it will make the signal path explicit in your mind and help you track down possible (hidden) sources of attenuation. Do either of these solve the problem?

If not, I’ll try to reproduce your setup at my end so as to provide an independent estimate of what levels could/should be (I have C8.5P, a UCX, and similar Korg and Yamaha keyboards). My intuition tells me that you’re overlooking something. The signal levels you’re describig seem abnormally low. In the event I forget to check back, PM me. :wink:

There are no fx in the input signal path. And the meters for the inputs are always metering the input pre fader.
IMHO there is something wrong with the output level of your keyboards

Don’t know the ucx, but on some RME afaik you can set the line inputs from +4db to -10db.
Or you could just use the pre in Cubase to boost the signal

It looks like the TotalMix FX hardware INPUTS, and the hardware OUTPUT channel (MAIN) levels match! I’m assuming you are using analogue 7&8 for your output… yea?

If your INPUT and OUTPUT channel levels match, and you also don’t have a problem with your levels in Cubase… then the last possible issue must be your monitoring system. which you haven’t mentioned!

-Could be cables!
-Amplifier to your speakers!

I have an older pair of powered near fields that a dirty switch sometimes prevent the woofers from woofin’! Out comes the tuner cleaner!

Al :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. Yes i am using the MAIN output 7 & 8. Initially when i connected UCX with PC and my keyboards, the level was perfect but a few days later when i connected the mic and applied the UCX total mix preset mic effects then this problem came up. i have unloaded all the effects and reset the total mix but still the problem persists. i have to solve this problem really urgent because my projects are pending. so kindly guide me please.

I’m tryin’,

If your INPUT and OUTPUT channel levels match, and you also don’t have a problem with your levels in Cubase… then the last possible issue must be your monitoring system, which you haven’t mentioned!

If you have already done a “complete” TotalMix FX reset, and you still have the problem… maybe TotalMix FX isn’t the problem!

Looking at the pictures you posted shows that your Input, and Output to be the same!

You might be looking at the possibility of a hardware issue!!!

Keyboards (not likely if both keyboards exhibit the same perceived volume loss!)
The UCX itself (take it out of the loop…use a small mixer or preamp, could be a bad output stage on the UCX, but again unlikely!)
The MONITORS! :mrgreen:

I’ll say this one last time… What are you using to “MONITOR” you signal?

If you’ve checked all of the components in your signal path, and everything checks out… it’s your EARS!


Hi thanks for reply and yes both my input and output levels are the same but if you look at the pic my faders are at 0db but my levels is not going all the way up to 0db they just reach upto -5db or less.

Sorry I for got to mention I am not using any monitors I work with Professional Headphones: beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 250 ohms. Audio-Technica ath m40fs ! they are plugged into my UCX phones7/8 .I have checked both headphones individually and they show the same levels.
I am planning to get some studio Monitors which I will be asking you advice on in another post very soon!

I am not very familier with all this you mentioned "“complete” TotalMix FX reset " I haven’t done this please could you tell me how I am able to do this?

Thank you for all your effort and guidance I really do appreciate all this and hope this matter gets cleared very soon !

TotalMix FX Total Reset: Options > Reset Mix > Total Reset.

Start there… if that doesn’t fix your issue, then I would explore boosting the signal going into the UCX!

I don’t want to assume what you already know about mixers, so please excuse me if you already know this:

If you have a signal that is -5dB and the INPUT fader to your mixer is set to 0dB… and there is nothing altering the signal during its path to the OUTPUT, and also the OUTPUT fader is set to 0dB… guess what the output will be?

You got it… -5dB!

In other words If your mixer is not boosting, or cutting the signal level… then what you put in is what you should get out! Make sense?


You’re Welcome! :mrgreen: