Cubase uninstall - what happens to 3rd party plugins?

Quick question if anyone would be kind enough to oblige me please…

I think this question may not be specific to any particular version of Cubase so apologies if it’s out of place -

Basically - can i install Cubase but leave the 3rd party plugins on my computer then reinstall Cubase without having to reinstall the plug ins? I’m using BCuninstaller so not sure what’ll happen to all the plugin DLL’s and if I can i obviously want to avoid having to reinstall them all again.

If poss please advise… Thanks

The installations for Cubase and 3rd party plug-ins are entirely independent. Cubase only installs and removes its own plugs.

Then use the Cubase un/installer, I would not dare to use any 3rd party uninstaller on a program like Cubase with all sorts of components, mainly copy protection, would be my worry.

Thanks for that. But if Cubase is deleted then the folder that included the DLL’s for the plugins will also be deleted and therefore the DLL’s with it right?

Well you have control during the initial installation of new plugs as to where they are stored. Waves, UAD, NI etc. tend to put them by default either in a neutral location or one specific to that manufacturer. In general it shouldn’t be a problem unless they were installed in an atypical location. In any case you can just look at the paths used in the Plug-in Manager and see if any of those locations might cause problems.

For example Waves doesn’t install its plugs just for Cubase. It installs its plugs for any software on your computer that can use it.

Cubase uninstaller will only delete files created by the Cubase installer. Any 3rd party plugins will not be touched. If you install 3rd party software in some of the Cubase folders, the uninstaller will simply not delete those folders and only remove Cubase files.