Cubase unpredictable with new update

sigh Never a problem with C6, and always counted myself among the lucky ones that have not been plagued by Cubase gremlins… until the recent update, that is.

I am running C6 on my quad core iMac i5, with OSX Lion installed, which the new update is supposed to be for. Yet now I find Cubase performing more like a bad crack than an updated and improved version of the software.

Usually, I have nothing running in the background, and generally find my ASIO meter registering at 30-40% on most labor intensive projects (using Presonus Firebox firewire interface). Now, however, while the meter still hovers around that range, every so often it shoots up to 100% for a fraction of a second, which wreaks havoc on audio coming out of the system. AND, if it happens once, then until i restart Cubase, it continues to do this on regular several seconds apart-basis.

Other issues noticed:

  • VSTi’s cutting out for no reason half way through the track (especially Nexus 2 - although, this may not be Cubase’s fault, as ReFX has not released an update of any kind in a while);
  • Projects all of the sudden dropping sound completely (even though all the meters are registering output);
  • Lost my trusty filter plugin, Tonic - which according to the release notes isn’t supported any more. Shame;
  • Izotope Ozone 4 initializing and then not registering any levels (happens 50% of the time when loading projects utilizing this plugin - which is, by the way, running the latest update from Izotope);
  • Projects developing crackling in audio out of the blue, half way through the track, despite changing buffer settings (corresponding to the mysterious spikes on the ASIO monitor);
  • Upon project loading, Battery 3 keeps telling me whole kits are missing, and i have to always click the “search file system” button for it to get it all back ( - not sure if this is a Cubase issue at all, but I noticed that starting to happen after the C6 update/upgrade to Lion as well);
  • And a noticeable decrease in overall performance, namely Cubase freezing for a few seconds during things like trying to bring up some menu, or something as simple as clicking on some button or other on the UI.

What’s going on here?

I’m not really sure what to do at this point, because it seems I can’t work on anything for more than half an hour without some gremlin popping up and requiring me to restart Cubase. Should I reinstall? I have time machine backup enabled that goes back to last december… I am really loath to recall a backup even from a few weeks back because that would mean recalling an older version of C6, which would not open the project files that I have been worked on post update.

While all this is going on, there are of course, deadlines that aren’t getting any longer. Not to mention clients that are waiting for results.

Any suggestions?