Cubase Update 11 to 13 Elicense - Problem

Hi there,
Having a Problem updating my Cubase 11 to 13 Version.

I’m using the Dongle which has Update 11 to 12 License.
I failed in buying The Cubase Update 11 to 13 (could have bought 12 to 13?!?)

Elicensing is telling me there is no License to update.

Is there a Problem with the already updated 11 Version to 12 on the Dongle?

What could I do?

Best regards Johann

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can always buy just the latest Cubase version. Which is Cubase 13 at this moment. With Cubase 13 license, you can start also Cubase 12.

If everything went right, you should see Cubase 11 (Not upgradable) license on your USB-eLicenser and Cubase 13 liense in the Steinberg Activation Manager.

What can you see?

Hi there, I can see the Cubase 11 Pro (Updated Version) on the Elicenser. (this is the update to 12).

It says, there is no License to update, please connect a USB e-licenser with the correct license to update.

There is also the License for Cubase 13 in the Activation Manager, saying that the Version is still to be checked.


OK, so what is the problem? Can you start Cubase 13/12?

the License is not updateable. The Version will only work for 4 Weeks.
ELicensener Controlcenter is telling me, there is no Version to Update.


There is no version to update because it has been updated already.

Could you attach a screenshot of the Steinberg Activation Manager, please?

I cant Activate the Update :frowning:

If you have already used a Cubase 11 licence to upgrade to Cubase 12, then the Cubase 11 licence cannot be upgraded again. You must buy a Cubase 12 to 13 upgrade, and apply that to the existing Cubase 12 licence.

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alright! thanks

I had the same exact problem but now everything seems to work. Thank you so much.

Hi ,
is there a possibility to update my Cubase from 11 Pro to 13 Pro?

Yes, just click the Buy Button on the Steinberg Homepage


and then select the right update