Cubase update download?

Hello there

I’m on Cubase 8 and a few weeks back I bought the Cubase 8.5 update during the summer offer period.
I haven’t needed to actually do the upgrade yet as music has been a bit on the back burner.
But now I go to upgrade and I can’t find anything to download.
On the Order Confirmation email I got there’s a Download Now link but it just takes me to the Steinberg ‘My Downloads’ page saying ‘You currently have no downloads available.’
How exactly do I download my upgrade?


Enter the activation code into the eLicenser Control Center and register your eLicenser to your MySteinberg (check the Register menu). A download link for the full 8.5 installer should then appear in the Downloads tab.

If your connection is too slow to download the full installer, you can download the 8 -> 8.5 upgrade installer here:

Ah I see, so the activation code stuff has to happen first!?
I had assumed activation came AFTER the download of the software.

A Cubase license can also run all previous versions, so it’s not a bad idea to activate your new version as soon as you buy it, even if you wont be able to use the latest version because of work and etc.

The download links in your order confirmation email expire, that’s probably why they are redirecting you to your MySteinberg. If you had clicked on them as soon as you bought the upgrade, your browser would start downloading the upgrade installer.