Cubase Update question

Hi. I am currently running the full, licensed version of Cubase 6.0.7 and would like to upgrade to Cubase 11 Pro. On the Steinberg website, I can see that it is possible to buy an update for £136. Is this the right route for me to use to get the full version of Cubase Pro 11? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but with so many versions around, I just want to be sure that if I go through with this purchase,I will be getting what I need. Many thanks.

Yes. It’s that simple. Plus, you will get the Cubase 12 update when that comes out.

Awesome. Thanks for your reply - I’ll get right on it. Just as a matter of interest, the reason I’ve decided I have to update is that I’m being absolutely plagued by the zplane_libs.dll error. Constant crashes. I truly hope this is fixed in version 11! Had been thinking I would need to buy a new full version of Cubase, so I’m mightily relieved to have discovered this much cheaper option.

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