Cubase upgrade affects Dorico Halion

I upgraded to Cubase 13. After a perfectly smooth and successful install of Cubase, my Halion in Dorico 5 was messed up - unavailable. I had to reinstall it. Hardly a big deal, but I did have to spend time figuring out why my audio suddenly stopped (surely the most frequent topic on this forum!) before I realised what had happened. It’s fixed now. I mention it in case anybody else strikes this.

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It is an unusual situation. Normally a Cubase update would have no bearing on Dorico etc. but in this case, as Daniel explained, there is a new orchestral library - Iconica Sketch - that will become available to Dorico users when the next update arrives, but which was released alongside Cubase 13.

Unusual indeed. But I don’t think Iconica has anything to do with it. One of life’s mysteries.

This is the thread in which Daniel goes into detail about why this is happening:

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@njfreestone Thanks, that’s great. But I think my case is different - it zapped Halion completely, nowhere to be found, in Dorico. Problem solved on my end, but it did happen. Had me on the ‘why no audio’ track for quite some time before I twigged - because it was displaying ‘…Halion ??’ as the VST and I did not notice that at first.