Cubase Upgrade new pc

Hi All
I am looking to get a new Pc and thought I would upgrade cubase as well.
My question is can I upgrade straight onto the new pc without installing the old version in the new pc?
I want to keep the old pc as it is so I will get a new licence key for the new pc to keep things simple?

Ae you questioning yourself, or asking a question for others?

The main missing detail, I suppose, would be which version of Cubase you are using now and which version you would like to upgrade(update?) to.

Questioning myself.
My current system I have cubase 8 pro and looking to get the latest 11 on my new Pc.

My question is I can still go via the update route and install cubase pro 11 on a new pc and my old pc will be left as is with cubase 8?

What you are really upgrading is the license on your dongle. Cubase doesn’t really care what’s installed on a particular computer. It only cares that when you go to run Cubase it finds a valid license.

You can install C11 directly on your new PC - no need to install an older version first. You could even install C11 a second time on the old PC side by side with C8 and move the dongle between the new & old PCs.

Just to elaborate on what raino has already stated, the USB-eLicenser holds the license. Whichever computer you have the dongle plugged into will run Cubase 11 or any earlier version (8). So, if you want to run your old setup just swap the dongle from one machine to the other. You just can’t run both at the same time unless you purchase another USB-eLicenser / Cubase license.

To clarify the “both” here means the 2 PCs, not the 2 versions of Cubase which can indeed both run at the same time. FYI if you have the old C8 distribution you can install it on the new PC if you want.

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You still can’t run both at the same time on different PCs. If you have one licence on the dongle which you will have if you upgrade the dongle will work for both 8 and 11. What you don’t get is a separate licence for 8 and 11. You are upgrading remember. You would only get a separate licence if you bought a full version and have a licence on both dongles.

I think I understand what you are trying to say and if I’m correct in the assumption the answer is no you can’t do that.

Thanks yes makes sense now.
So best I just move the singles between the 2. The old pc was just if I ever need to go back and get files or stems.
Looking further Strindberg might be removing their dongle so might hold out a few months before upgrading!

Or you could just copy all that stuff over onto the new PC.

I’d advise against waiting for that. It kinda makes sense if you don’t have a dongle and want to avoid buying one to use for only a short while. But you’d already have a dongle for C8. Also who knows if the new scheme will begin in two months or two years.

Thanks yes that makes sense. Hoping it’s not a subscription thing in the future.
I’ll be upgrading this weekend l

Agree, but seriously doubt it will be. Mostly they are trying to resolve the problem that gigging tends to damage dongles.