Cubase Upgrade sale, how long?

Just noticed that there’s a sale price on upgrading from Elements, does anyone know how long this will last? Is it Dec 11?
Thanks Kindly,

I am not aware of any currently available Cubase sale prices (discounts) … can you post a link to what exactly you are referring to?

Up until this morning, the price for full version or upgrade was a lot higher.
For me to upgrade from Elements 13 to Artist was around $350.
Today it’s $229.

I haven’t been keeping up on all the recent update/upgrade costs, but $350 seems a little high considering you can buy a fresh Artist 13 for $329.99.

One way or another, I think these prices just are what they are. Not “sale” prices and not time/date limited. Not sure where you were seeing $350 for the Elements 13 to Artist 13 upgrade.