Cubase & UR824 Making 'Tinny' Audio Tracks

:frowning: Hello all,
Any ideas why my cabled-KeyBoards (KB) sound so very ‘Tin-ly’/thin when I audio record through Cubase 9.0.40 and NOT when I play them through my PC?

:nerd: Same KBs, same PC, same Audio Interface (Steinberg UR824), same monitors (Behringer B1030-A) but all the KB output is gorgeous until I record into Cubase via the UR824 Mic inputs (for audio, I know no other way to connect them as my KBs are Phono/MIDI/USB {Data Xfers} ports). I loose too much time enhancing these recorded tracks and never achieve the audio that I hear before recording. Am I missing something in the UR824 Signal Chain? :question:

Thanks in advance.

:astonished: Update, I think I found the solution but I still don’t know for sure why the problem existed.

:nerd: Solution:

  • Removed a Unbalanced-to-Balance Line Level Converter on the Audio Cables Btw the KBs and the UR824;

  • Turn-On (depress) the “Pad” buttons on the UR824 Line/Mic Inputs being used by these KBs.

This seems to be all that was needed. I don’t know if the Converter was buggy, or using Balanced Cables (Converter exported the Unbalance as Balance signal) was not compatible (UR824 manual ONLY specifies Unbalance when using Hi-Z which I was not!), or failing to use the “Pad” button. (I am NOT sure when to use the “Pad” button.)

Also, I’ve been using Cubase since 7.x and a Tascam 1800USB but until now, always recorded MIDI only. So, I don’t know if this was always a problem or just started with my Cubase 9 & UR824.