Cubase usb dongle: can it be used also for saving other licences?

I have the Cubase usb dongle plugged to my pc and no other usb iLok usb devices.
I currently save all licences of third parties’ vst plugins, managed by the iLok manager app, directly to the pc.
However I would like to transfer all these licences to a usb pendrive, so as to use them on other computers.
I wouldn’t like to buy an iLok dongle; therefore, can I save those licences into the Cubase dongle?


ilok is for all ilok licenses.
Elicenser is for all elicenser licenses (not just for cubase)

Undestood. Thanks.

does it mean that I can save other eLicences onto the Cubase dongle?

Yes, if the program uses eLicenser, you can use that same dongle for those licenses.

great, Thanks!

There used to other than steinberg. I have for example korg legacy on a e-licenser but they dont use that today.

FYI, it’s not a “Cubase dongle” as such. It’s an “eLicenser USB key” or “Steinberg key”.

Yes it can it be used also for saving SOME other licences. Specifically:

  1. Other Steinberg licenses, eg. WaveLab. The USB key comes in the box with some, and can be bought separately for others.
    see here …

  2. At least one other vendor - Vienna Symphonic Library - uses the same USB eLicenser. And they can co-habit. I have a VSL Pro 5 license and Cubase 6 license stored on the same USB e-licenser.