Cubase USB dongle


I have been working on Cubase DAW since the last 7 years. Given that I am based in Mumbai, what is the process of transferring the license to a new USB dongle if the old one fails?

Appreciate your inputs on this.



Just go onto MySteinberg account and use Zero Down Time.
Details hereā€¦

Thanks for your reply.

My concern is that since I am not based in Europe or the US, I will need to reach out to a local distributor which will take me into a perpetual loop in terms of support and getting the license transferred.

Zero Downtime is available in MySteinberg, you get an e-mail with a form to fill out and a direct e-mail address (Steinberg Support, Germany) to send your request to.
In case of contacting the local distributor (I think you would need to contact Tuerk), they would relay the info to Steinberg Support on your behalf - this is as fast as contacting Support directly.

Thanks Fabio.