Cubase V.I.-house keeping

I’m just starting to move my equipment into my newly built studio and want to do some computer house keeping as I’m starting a new with hardware/wiring etc.

OK so I have Cubase 6 along with included VI’s I also have Halion sonic and Halion3& 4 and Halion symphonic Orchestra.

Now it seems like there’s a big overlap with these 3 programs and sound libs, so my question is:

Do these programs share a common library or do I have have the same stuff installed 3 times in various locations? also can i get rid of anything and still be able to open old projects? I want to consolidate all this as I’m sure over the last few years things are all over the place.



I’m not 100% sure myself and will be transferring all my stuff over to a new machine in the spring next year too so wouldn’t mind a definitve answer myself actually… but as far as i’m aware… please feel welcome to step in and correct… that the HALion ‘system’ uses a common library with the exception of the standalone/plugin version of Hal symponic… the newer version of which is just an extra library set for the HALion system if you follow me?
I’m hoping to be fully in 64Bit land next year so would like to be able to drop the HSO standalone and its library.

Thanks Mat,can anyone enlighten us on this thorny matter ?


Can be a big job. Best bet is pen & paper and go thru all your drives (maybe twice?!) and log what you have both samples and programs and the drive paths.
If you’re buying new stuff consider budgeting for a Hard drive caddy and at least one new drive for the OS if you haven’t got them already. Then you can start on clean drives and transfer the libraries across.
Try to keep as much on the old drives (Projects) as you can so Cubase and yourself will have at least half an idea what for and where to search when you need to.

thanks Conman but I’m basically unsure of the crossover between, halion 4, halion sonic and halion symponic orchestra.
Somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to think that I can get rid of halion sonic and Halion symphonic orchestra and Halion4 will load exactly the same content and programs, however I’m not sure how that would impact on old projects with Halion sonic and HSO.


Wouldn’t dump them for a while. Doubt if it will cost much space-wise but you’ll load revisited projects that use them a lot easier. I doubt you’ll notice they’re there if you keep them but don’t actually need them.

yeh, just wasn’t 100% certain i haven’t got the same content in 3 different places at the moment, it’s hard to know exactly where everything is now with the way soundbanks default to the C:/user/name/Appdata. As i have SSD OS drive I want to keep my C drive small.