Cubase Version 13.0.30 The color doesn't change

Install the latest version today (Version 13.0.30 Build 226 (x64) - Built on Mar 13 2024)
After working for over an hour, I tried to add color to the channel and clip, but the color did not change.


How did you try to change the color, please?

After 2 hours of work, I tried to organize the channels and specify a color, but the colors of all channels did not change.
Just turn off CUbase completely and then re-enter it.
But sometimes it doesn’t work after 2 hours.

2024년 3월 23일 (토) 오전 2:59, Martin.Jirsak via Steinberg Forums <>님이 작성:

Ctrl + Click on the track type icon.

I tried that too, but the color was just fixed.
I ran Set Track Color to Default on the red, blue, gray, and red tracks and nothing changed.

2024년 3월 24일 (일) 오전 1:46, Dunk79 via Steinberg Forums <>님이 작성: