cubase version 9.0.0

where can I find cubase pro version 9.0.0?..bought cubase pro 9 box edition came downloaded version was 9.0.10…need to find out if the bug I am getting with some midi programs is not there with earlier version

Check to see what file is available in the download section of your MySteinberg account. Also… if I remember correctly, when I originally dowloaded CB Pro 9 it immediately upgraded to version 9.0.1. V 9.0.10 was issued after that.

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it doesnt give a version number in my download section…there is only one file…but i know i got cubase pro 9.0.10 when it installed.

When you installed it did you click on the search for latest update box. You should be able to download the original V9 from your 'my Steinberg account. The Disk you bought should also be the V9 and not the V9.0.10 update anyway.

Don’t 9.0.0 has some severe bugs.

There are no disks supplied in boxed versions any more.