Cubase versus screen capture software

Hi there :slight_smile:

Some friends of mine would like to see what I been doing in Cubase. And I have tried various methods to screen capture and record the audio
Nothing works,its given me a headache

I have tried the voicemeeter software,followed the instructions.I can hear my mic/voice no problem but not any music from Cubase :confused:
And I have looked over various Youtube videos

Maybe I should just give up,but would like to know why Cubase won’t let screen capture software to record audio output

I have a screen capture software, used with FL Studio in the past. To record sound and images no problem,but not Cubase,really strange

If anyone has been able to record Cubase music into their screen capture, software I would be grateful for any ideas ,or work rounds:)
I’m using Windows 10 pro 64 bit

Thank a lot
OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) works nicely. It is a little tricky to set up.
The audio will record if you use the FL ASIO Driver (high latency but no problem if your just capturing some mixing or something).
There is also Voicemeeter which I haven’t tried but it is discussed.
The FL ASIO Driver may work with any screen capture software (I haven’t tried it with others). I think It just reroutes the ASIO to WIndows Audio so that non-ASIO applications can receive the audio.

Thanks a lot jaslan :slight_smile:

Appreciate your help
I did try the FL ASIO driver,had a lot of crackles etc and had to adjust.But will have another look,its all very mysterious.

It’s not really that complicated, the tricky part is getting the audio from asio over to windows audio.
A cable can do that, a loopback feature (if your audio device supports it) is also preferable to a 3rd party asio driver.

I have a UR44, which has a loopback feature, so I gave this a try. In OBS it works but you have to select for the Audio Source, “Line in” rather than “Desktop Audio”, which makes sense.
My use case is that when I want to make a video of a song that I created in Cubase, I also want to include screen captures of the Cubase mixer and some of the virtual instruments. Of course, the audio in the final video comes from the Cubase export so the audio in the screen capture’s only purpose is to help align the screen capture of the virtual instrument or mixer with the audio in the final video. The audio sync just gets me close and I usually have to adjust a couple of frames to get it to look correctly in sync. So, my point is… with the loopback method, there seems to be a more noticeable latency in the screen capture between the audio and video. When I use the FL ASIO driver, I do have to increase the buffer size of my UR44, but I still seem to get an overall lower delay between the audio and video in the screen capture.
The loopback feature is new to me and this is the first time I have ever used it so I am just wondering if there are some tips or tricks that I am missing.

To follow up @jaslan’s earlier post, here’s a vid of someone going through the motions using OBS (successfully)…

Lots of good info there.

Hi and thanks again for your help everyone :slight_smile:

So I was watching a video via David @ Talking Leaf Media,the other day.And he showed a neat and cool way of getting the audio out of Cubase, and into OBS

From there into, say video conferencing software like Zoom.There are a few steps involved but ,not too bad at all.

It really works, I’m getting sound out of Cubase into OBS now :smiley: I did try Voicemeeter but was getting a lot of pops and crackles etc :cry:
Here is the link below

Check it out!