Cubase via Remote Computer

Hey everybody,

I want to remote control Cubase my studio computer via my Laptop and edit some Stuff while sitting in the kitchen or in the garden.
Seeing and working with Cubase is no problem with Remote Desktop or Parsec. BUT NO SOUND!
Windows Sounds are working via a remote app. But not the stuff what is played in cubase with ASIO. I also don’t see possibilities with RME Total Mix.
There are some discussions in other forums when googling, but no easy solution. I don’t want to buy a 20 m Headphones cable :).
Any solution? Thanks guys!!!

Sounds complicated, and even if it works, there’ll be additional latency. If you have Cubase 12, I would just install that on the laptop, sync the project files and work locally.

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The problem is that the project needs 50gb of RAM due to VSTs, Laptop has just 16GB.
There is no latency with the video and also no latency when I stream games. So there must be a way with not latency with audio, too. The audio is generated in the Studio Computer. Just the audio signal
has to be transfered to the Laptop, I think there should be no Latency problems.

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You already have the visual, so the hard part has been solved already. Then run VSTConnect performer on your laptop, connect to your daw machine and get audio. The application don’t need to be in front to be able to listen to the feed, so bring the remote desktop to the fron and do operations. Also, consider enabling “Rehearse” mode to get a faster response since you don’t need to record anything back to the main daw.

I have been doing similar for decades since CubaseVST on OS9 days. I am not 100% sure if the current Connect/Perfomer allows LAN connection (the functionality tends to break on updates. IIRC it is possible in the current version if the steinberg ID is not used?)
If that does not work, you can try to go out to WAN somehow and then connect, it will work for sure. And also there are other network audio solutions available from 3rd parties as well.

I use windows remote desktop to control a cubase machine, I personally keep the audio on the remote side but there is an option in RD to play the audio on either side. Works both ways for me.
Editing quickly is hard due to the graphics delay though, I use it to dub tapes or record long sets.

You can use this plugin.

wait for a good offer…

These are for Windows (sorry, I don’t know much about Mac, but I’m thinking it has network audio streaming capabilities built in…jack2 or something similar).

Asio Link Pro (Free): To stream audio over your LAN/WAN among ASIO/WDM apps.

You’d run this ASIO backend on both machines. At that point you could stream audio both ways, and get all sorts of multi-client ‘routing’ options as well. Including, routing/mixing/merging WDM and ASIO apps (includes built in WDM virtual cable drivers, has loopback channels for ‘everything’, and more.).

Streaming a simple stereo pair along-side your remote-desktop solution shouldn’t be much of a problem. If you’ve got the bandwidth for it you can have 16 channels going both ways!

I have not tried it yet, but ASIO Link Pro might even work with VST System Link to ‘sync’ multiple instances of Cubase. (Typically you’d use a digital IO [such as SPDIF] on your audio interface to get a sync, while also getting some audio and MIDI channels back and forth between two different machines. ASIO Link Pro audio channels ‘might’ be able to make the connection?)

rtpMIDI (free): To send MIDI over a LAN.

You might also want to experiment with Steinberg’s VST Connect.

Another interesting and free ‘streaming’ product is reaStream. It might come in handy. It runs as a VST2 plugin and can stream both AUDIO and MIDI over your LAN/WAN.


If your laptop runs Windows, and doesn’t have an audio device with native ASIO drivers and you’d like to try ASIO Link Pro…

You could try the Generic ASIO backend that ships with Cubase. If this is not satisfactory, give ASIO4ALL a try.

Hey Guys,
a bit late, but thanks very much! Meanwhile I tried all of the mentioned possibilities:

  • Windows Remote Desktop: No Chance to get the sound of Cubase

VST Connect Pro seems to work, although you need the PRO version to get it working via LAN.
At least I can see that I get a signal in the “Studio Channel” on my Laptop in the VST Connect Performer.
BUT I don’t revceive any Sound, I tried Generic Low Latency Driver, Asio4All, Realtek Low Latency Driver. I see the singnal from my Studio Computer is coming into VST Connect Performer, but there is no Peak in the Windows Sound Mixer on no one of the channels…

I have NO interface on the laptop. I don’t want to record here, I just want to hear the sound. Do I need an interface?
Do you guys have any tips? Thanks!!!

You might take a look into NDI tools.

NDI VST Plugin into Insert in Cubase (f.E. in the Master), NDI Viewer (Just for the audio) on the “Garden Laptop”.
Remote desktop to see what you edit.


Hi,you can try Blue Cat Connector, it’s not free,maybe you can wait for a sale or in black Friday…

Its a plugin Vst

Running into a similar problem with Cubase Pro 12. I can hear all other audio locally (remote laptop MAC Monteray 12.6.6) running MS Remote desktop. I can not hear the Cubase project audio. I see the meters moving but no local audio. Seems you have found a work around but want to be sure it would work on a MAC to Windows 11 RDP session.

Summers are short hear in New England so I try not to get locked in my downstairs studio. That small window doesn’t feel like summer, lol.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Try Voice Meeter (win only), use the virtual ASIO driver in Cubase and send it to the external computer when in RDP. Think it should work.

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This was the only thing that worked for me. I tried all of the suggestions here. I used the basic version. I was able to set my ASIO output in Cubase to Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO. Inside the actual Voicemeeter app, you can click on one of the two hardware outputs (A1, A2) and select WDM → Remote Audio. On a side node, I installed Icecast and BUTT (Broadcast Using This) and was able to also send it out over a stream. Inside BUTT select the audio input of your ASIO device. I used both so I have it over the Remote Audio as well as over a private stream that I can send the link to in real time for listening.

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Does Vst connect work with lan? Is performer a specific version of it?