cubase video pixel bug

i have problems with my video on cubase…

there always come these pixels. when i doubleclick or reopen the window they disappear for a few seconds and then they come back.
does anyone have an idea?
i have a i7-7700T with a Intel HD Graphics 630 and Win 10 Pro, Cubase Elements 9.5

Hi and welcome,

What codec has been use for the video, please? And where (in which application) was the video rendered?

Didi you get this fixed?
I have the same problem on two of my computers running Cubase 9.5 and Nuendo 8.2.

I also have this problem when playing videos in Cubase 11 on a laptop running windows 10. I can’t do anything to picture because it’s impossible to see past the rainbow pixelation. The video doesn’t pixelate when played on its own on the computer or when played in protools on the same computer. Only within Cubase. Was there ever a fix found for this thread?

Same problem here…coloured pixels…video plays fine on same computer in everything except cubase…