Cubase Volume Automation

I have successfully written in volume automation on several instrument tracks. However, I then needed to change the VST instrument to a different one for that track (different company) and in doing so, my automation then turned into a flatline and the information I had drawn was erased. Is this normal, and is there a way to prevent it ? THANKS!

Doesn’t happen, here, changing the Instrument in the inspector to another VSTi. This, either with a manually drawn volume automation curve or using the CC7 lane on a recorded MIDI part : both of them are preserved and working.

So, unless there is a well hidden parameter that could be related, I would try to relaunch Cubase in safe mode, deactivating the preferences… :thinking:

MIDI CC will not be deleted. However, any VST automation gets deleted when changing a plugin as the new plugin has different names for their parameters.

@violyn : It might be better to make a duplicate of the track and copy/paste needed automation from the original track to the track with the new VSTi afterwards.

Sure, and this is logical, as every VSTi has its own set of controls/features.

But @violyn was talking about Volume automation which is a rather universal control, AFAIK, and I have tested it (see my 1st post)…

I don’t want to be nitpicking but look at this example. There are three (!) types of volume automation:

The first one is the channel fader, the second the Volume parameter inside the synth, the third is MIDI CC#7. Which one was meant?
A lot of people coming to the forums don’t know about this. It is up to the person answering to find out what is being talked about.

No hesitation : I have just tested the first one, precisely because it’s universal and VSTi/plug-in independent. But indeed, maybe @violyn meant something different… :hugs:

Thanks everybody. I believe I am talking about the top one, master volume. I am kind of new at this, but what I am doing is using a controller slider as the MIDI track plays, and am automating volume which I assigned to the slider. I think making a copy of the MIDI track and then copying the automation info sounds like a good idea and I will try that.