Cubase volume pedal support

Hello! I have been using cubase for a bit but recently got into the world of usb controllers. I am using a cheap m-audio controller but I can’t get a volume pedal to work. Is this a cubase limitation or am I going about it wrong? I’m no midi expert so I’d appreciate any advice. TIA!

In theory your M-Audio controller should send midi controller messages at Midi CC 7 when you move the volume controller that’s attached to it.

However it also has to be the right kind of volume control pedal:

  • If it’s a volume pedal that’s designed to handle audio signals (i.e. it has an input and an output, then it probably won’t work).
  • However if it’s a volume pedal that has a single cable attached to it without any other inputs or outputs, it should typically work.

If it’s the right kind of pedal, maybe in Cubase try to use the Midi Insert called “Midi Monitor” on an activated instrument track and see what messages are coming in when you press keys and move the volume pedal connected to your keyboard controller?


There’s also the additional complication of there being a couple types of these pedals. Which can be called Expression pedals too. Keyboards are compatible with one or the other – if it’s the same brand as your keyboard it’s a non-issue.


Thanks! The pedal is an on stage kep-100 pedal, and it is a 1/4 that plugs right into the controller. Is it the wrong type of pedal? Thanks

That looks like a sustain pedal, rather than a volume pedal.

I tried to embed a pic. It’s a “gas pedal” type pedal that looks like it would be an expression pedal or volume pedal if the application was for guitar. Only one output obviously.

Do you recommend something different? I only have about 70 bucks in the whole getup lol. I may look to change controller and would like something compatible and also 88 key

Oh sorry - I mistyped my google search looking for KSP-100 rather than KEP-100. duh! - EDIT: Actually Google auto-corrected me grrrr!

So yes, what you have is perfect as a midi volume (or expression) pedal.

Is there one or two places to plug in a pedal on your M-Audio controller?

If it’s just one, it may expect a sustain pedal. If it’s 2, then you may have to plug in your volume pedal into the second one.

Lol no worries! It actually has a sustain and volume input on the controller, but doesn’t seem to “see” it.

did you check the specs for the controller and the pedal that the impedance (Ohms) of the pedal matches what your keyboard controller needs?