Cubase vs Audio Interface latency

No matter if I have an empty project, or one loaded with VST’s, I get the same latency reading unders VST Aurdio System ->ASIO Hammerfall DSP (see attached). However, when I use loads of VST’s. Unfortunately, I am getting MIDI latency when I use lots of VST’s even as my project can run at a buffer of 64. So, I am at a loss as to how to troubleshoot/solve how much latency I am getting and how to lower it.

If anybody could help me understand this better I would appreciate it!

Device Setup_2016-01-29_12-25-28.jpg

If you click on the constrain delay compensation button does the latency go away?

If so then you are using plugs that add extra latency. You have to manage these with constrain delay compensation while recording midi or try to avoid using them till after you finish writing parts.

NB. All the constrain delay compensation button is doing is disabling any plug with more than a certain latency. You can look at the mxer insert panel and see which ones are disabled and you can also see the plugin latency in plugin manager.

What Grim said.

Yep,that did it.

BTW: I don’t always get a response here.So, thank you! Knowing that I don’t always get a response I googled the problem and got all the outdated information. Though I’m at fault, I still think Steinberg should clean up a lot of that stuff up imo.