Cubase vs Nuendo, which is better for me ?

Hello !

I’m a cubase 9.5 owner , of course I’m happy with its solidity and I love that software, but I’ve heard nuendo is better for movies , especially for dubbing
and foley workflow , some say nuendo has way more automations that is tailored for such work (for me automation is very important).

So I have plans to crossgrade purchase nuendo , but still not sure about it.
Maybe you can tell me what is biggest differences between them , that makes nuendo better for movies

and about scoring , is there ability to score in nuendo as in cubase. In other words I have shuffled everything in my head and will be very grateful if anyone can clear a cloud little bit.

thank you !

Nuendo does everything that Cubase does and more. Download the one month trial and check it out. It has things like scene detection for the video and will place markers for you etc. It also has a complete ADR package built in that is amazing.

Good comparison chart,thanks! It shows what’s the difference.

I was little bit disappointed about effects like voice designer and randomizer , it’s like child toy. I think steinberg should treat that thing more seriously, or maybe it was just bad example of their usage.

Regarding “Pro Sound Effects Library” , can I see somehow what’s included inside ? how many effects , what kind of effects ?

There are hundreds (if not more than a thousand) sounds included in “Pro Sound Effects Library”. I downloaded it. They come in very useful both for music, post-audio and cinematic work. Regarding voice designer and randomizer, I think you are looking maybe at it’s superficial appearance. They are powerful tools. Watch trailers on youtube of the sort of work/video scenes/sound they can be used for. I think with every Steinberg stock plugin, there’s this seeming underrating that goes with it…but Steinberg stock plugins pull a lot of punch. I often resort back to these when Waves and other big names like FF give up on me. I’m beginning to use them more frequently in my mixes because they sound great. And besides, if you really learn your tools so well, you can scratch out a very good production with anything.

I own Nuendo (crossgraded from Cubase 10.5), and if you have 9.5, there’s every reason to crossgrade, because 9.5 is really being left behind at the mo (I owned 9.5 from 2017 to 2019). It’s a great stable tool, but it lacks quite a lot that 10.5 and moreso, Nuendo both have.

Not sure in what way you feel voice designer is like a child’s toy. I recently used it to disguise voices on a documentary. Worked well.