Cubase vs Pro Tools in 2015

Hello all,
I have been a happy Cubase user for a very long time (since VST/24) . I am currently sitting at 6.5 and am considering upgrading. I have used Pro Tools in the past an really hated it, but it has been a while. I really would love to able to share projects with a bunch of my fellow artists easily (mostly Pro Tools users) and am wondering if Pro Tools has finally caught up to or even exceeded Cubase in most areas. I am not trying to start a holy war here. I would just love to know what some of you that have experience with the latest versions of these respective programs think about the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms. Thanks so much!

I’m the opposite, having used Pro Tools for years but I know nothing about Cubase - yet. I just bought a copy of Cubase Pro and here are some of the reasons why:
1> No track freeze
2> No Integrated audio pitch correction (e.g. must buy Melodyne)
3> No VST support
4> My Komplete Kontrol keyboard will work better with Cubase
5> Avid doesn’t listen to users on
6> Avid making “vanilla” users pay for 11.3.2 dot release
7> Subscription pay model

So far, the only thing I’ve discovered PT has that Cubase doesn’t is a really simple clip gain interface (which I will miss).

Cubase has clip gain! Implemented almost the same as in Pro Tools…though you can’t draw points on it, though.

You can easily draw on clip gain using the Pen tool.

Really, Cubase has had clip gain since I started using it in 2000. The on board tuning works well and is easy to use.

I have 4 major complaints about cubase. 1. Hardware insert routing does not save with the project. 2. the bizarre window behavior that constantly forces me to resize windows to fit in my screen. 3. “disc overload errors” that no one can seem to explain 4. cubase and UAD plugins don’t get along well sometimes - and I wonder if disc overloads have something to do with it.

I’d stick with Pro tools if i had it - I’d have to have HD for adequate track count though.

started usin cubase in 1993 on a atari… and protools in 1999. pro tools is good an i love it, BUT today i feel Cubase is on the topp of the DAW game! :wink:

Something I’ve been waiting for for a long time is multi-track (like, a drum-kit, not a stereo-pair) time-warping. I don’t have Cubase 8, but I thought I read that it still wasn’t there. Do I understand correctly that ProTools does have it?

Using both Pro Tools and Cubase here in our mix rooms and I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve heard someone actually compare, let alone consider, Pro Tools as a comparable DAW to Cubase based on features.

Our PT setup is fine and for mixing, has many tried and true features that we all grew up using, especially if external hardware is connected or video sync is involved. But honestly, in almost every other possible area, especially song-content creation and hosting third party Plugs/FX/Synths, I think even the most skeptical person would agree that Cubase in its current form is literally light years ahead of Pro Tools in most areas both mixing and in workflow.

When used side by side, this comparison becomes even more evident. We use Pro Tools because we have to, like most everyone else for compatibility but make no mistake, most all the work these days is being done in Cubase here and the PT rigs are used almost entirely for transfers now. YMMV

I just bought pt 12 both are great programs in pro tools every little move I make I get error codes kills my workflow. With cubase I can change plugins add vi with no worries. Cubase 8 is by far the best balance daw I’ve work on.