Cubase VS youtube, itunes etc.. : monitors blatant volume discrepency

Hi everyone,

Few days ago as I started to work on cubase, I felt like the volume on my monitors (yamaha HS5) was oddly low, at first I thought maybe it was just me that was weird this particular day.

But each time I used is it it felt stange. So I compared it to youtube, itunes, etc… and the difference is dramatic !

The volume is twice as low on cubase, and it use to be the same on every software or platform.

Anybody has faced this issue ?

If you just started with Cubase, you should work a bit more with it and learn how to set up your gear and Cubase correctly.

My message wasn’t clear. When I said “started working on cubase” I meant : that particular day as I sat at my studio’s desk and started working.

I’ve been working on cubase for a year, that’s why I said my volume was “oddly” low, as in, usualy it is not this way :slight_smile:

Anyway. My set-up is is correct, the control room is disabled. A week ago it worked perfectly well, now it does’nt.

Based on those new information have you got an idea of a solution ?

Also, with all due respect, your answer was a bit rude and useless, being a senior member i’m surprised that you anwered that way. Even if my writting wasn’t clear you could have at least asked a question for me to clear up things, instead of just closing the door like this like I am some dumb kid :wink:

And still, if I was that dumb kid I’d need help to learn to set up my gear, not a slap on the back on the head :wink:

I have not even the closest clue about your setup. I know you are using Cubase (Pro as I could conclude now). If the Volume is too low, it can have a lot of causes. If your Cubase setup is correct. then it must be your interface.

Yes, I could spend all day, asking for things like that - just look around the forums - almost everyone is too lazy to spend his own time to think about how to post a useful Problem description, but expects the others to spend theirs.
Just as well could you post useful information on your own.