Cubase VST/32 score Install issue

I know this is an old bit of software but I’m trying to get my copy up and running again after taking some time away from audio recording. I have the blue printer port dongle, haven’t transferred to the usb version but I’m considering it if I can figure out how to get this program to install. I’m running windows 7 x64, again I know this is some old software but from what I’ve seen on other forums it should be possible to run this software. The problem I’m having is that the installer locks up when it gets the the “chordfont.ttf” install. I couldn’t find a working solution to this on other forums so I thought I would try here. Is this a problem with the dongle not being detected? It seems like the font is actually being installed as it’s in the font directory but the installer refuses to move forward.

Ran the install on my old laptop that still has windows xp on it, intalled without a hitch but no lpt port and no dongle. These leads me to believe it’s not related to the dongle, maybe the dongle driver? Copied the font files over from the laptop to see if that would help the installer move along but it still hangs just says skipping Chordfont.ttf instead :cry:

Try to run installer on XP or W2000 compatibility mode.
Try to make a copy of your installation media with your laptop and use a copy to install on your desktop.

Thanks Jarno but still can’t seem to get past the “chordfont.ttf” part of the installer. I tried all the compatibility settings, nothing seems to work.

A note for anyone else who might come across this after having the same issue. You might find that the uninstaller will not be able to uninstall after you have to kill the install process when it hangs up. If you have access to a machine running xp or older you can just install it here and copy the “INSTALL.LOG” back over to your win7 machine. If your running x64 you will have to edit the “INSTALL.LOG” file using find and replace all to change “c:/Program Files/” to “c:/Program Files (x86)/”. Then when the uninstaller asks for the file just point it to wherever you’ve transferred it to.

Ome more thing came to my mind. Are you installing as Administrator (or user account with admin privileges)?

Yep, I have administrator rights and I’m using the install as administrator switch. Do you think the option durring install that asks if cache settings should be changed would have any effect?