Cubase VST 5.1 on 64 bit Windows

hi there,
i’m using VST 5.1 on windows 7 64bit and am having problems where cubase freezes/glitches momentarily every couple of minutes or so. i’d used vst5.1 on windows XP 32bit previously for years and had no problems whatsoever - is this because of 5.1 not being compatible with 64bit? i’ve considered downgrading my windows to 32bit but wanted to check if anyone had experienced a similar problem and if downgrading windows would fix it first, obviously a major upheaval in the studio to reinstall windows and all.
many thanks,

Some are running this same set-up with no problems. It’s not supported by Steinberg but you can contact users here on the forum for specific issues. Here’s a couple of users that were talking about this set-up.

You may want to message them.

Hi Steve,
From what I can see, you were in a conversation with Wild Bill who at the time was running his VST 5 version with W7 Premium. Whether it’s a 32 or 64 bit system shouldn’t matter as the 64 bit system addresses Cubase 32 bit with no problem. The problem usually starts to occur when using a 64 bit Cubase version and 32 bit VSTs and/or plugs. That’s when the Cubase bit bridge comes in or in the alternate case, J-bridge. 32 on 32 bit addresses 3.?G of RAM. 32 on 64 bit addresses 4G of RAM. 32 on 64 with J-bridge will allot 2G of RAM per instance of VSTs and plugs up to your OS limitation or how much physical RAM installed, whichever comes first.
I don’t know if Bill had W7 32 or 64 bit but you may want to ask him that.

Yes, 64 bit with 32 bit systems has a slight advantage but note that it takes Jbridge to take you past that limitation. That is where you’re allowed 2G per VST or plugin instance. Conversely, Jbridge will also allow the reverse. With it you can use 64 bit plugs in a 32 bit environment and host.

Sometimes things will run flawlessly in most set-ups. Sometimes users with the exact same set-ups might have 2 different results so it’s hard to take other’s experiences at word. You just have to take a set-up that has been proven to work with a decent success rate and count your blessings. The good thing about Jbridge is that Joao, the programmer for that product stands behind his work 100%. If you email him with an issue, he immediately upgrades his product to accomodate. Great guy with a great program.

thanks guys. i think i am just going to try reinstalling win7 32bit and see how it goes. will check out Jbridge if i encounter further problems though.

my previous pc running xp died, so i bought a new one which had w7 preinstalled, didn’t foresee such problems. had my old one not given up the ghost i’d still be happily using vst5 on xp…