Cubase VST (and other) effects

Is there any way to use VST effects from other programs, or downloaded effects in VST Live PRO?
I need either a dynamic 4 band EQ, or a multiband comp. so the bundeled efx. is not doing it for me.
I do own a cubase 12 pro licence.

Hi @Torben_Simonsen,

all included Product-Plug-Ins can not be shared with our products. I guess you are talking about the “Frequency” and “Multiband Compressor” Plug-Ins of Cubase. They are not included in VST Live. Both Plug-ins do have a latency and VST Live does not have a delay compensation. That’s why they are not part of VST Live.

See you

I wouldn’t mind dealing with the added latency. I own Cubase Pro 12 and use it for live gigs as my main processor, mix console and sequence player. I really want to use VST Live Pro, which I also own, but not having access to plugins like REVelation gets frustrating fast, since Roomworks is not enough.

For live applications, seriously?

Seriously. I never liked it, it just takes too much fiddling to get a sound I can use. REVelation, on the other hand, just sounds good, and it is what I use live with Cubase. Don’t get me wrong, for the price of VST Live it’s a great package, but it would be useful to access Cubase’ fx (given that it is installed on the same machine) as send effects, where the added latency would not be a problem.

Ok :slight_smile:
Like with other Steinberg products, each have their own set of plugins. Possibly some may be added later, but no promise.

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