Cubase & VST plugin Organization - help!

I’m confused and need some guidance. I’m trying to organize my VST’s and I’m going mad!! I’m try to be as to the point as I can. (BTW, I’m on a mac if it matters)

1. Is there a way in cubase to tell it to ignore VST2 plugins if VST3 are available?
I’m personally tied of having duplicate plugins in my cubase plugins list, especially since I only use the VST3 plugins anyway. How do I get the VST2 plugins to stop showing up in cubase? Do I need manually remove them from my VST2 folder, or is there a way to tell Cubase to not load specific plugins?

2. What is the deal with subfolders?
It seems some plugins are automatically put into folders by category if you have that option selected. So for example, some of my plugings automatically show up in a “delay” subfolder for example, while some delay plugins do not and just appear by name in the list. Is there some way to organize all my delay plugins into this delay folder?

3. Is the answer for plugin organization to create your own subfolders to store the .vst?
For example, I want all my compressors into a “compressors” folder, so they show up under this subfolder in Cubase. So I was thinking of going into my plugins → VST folder and creating a “compressors” folder, and then manually moving all my compressor .vst into this folder. First off, is it ok to organize my VSTs into subfolders in the first place? Or will I run into problems (for example I’m also a bit worried when I update plugins, as for example UAD updates all their plugins with every software update, and I’m assuming wouldn’t install them into my custom subfolders.) Secondly is this the best way to organize your plugins in Cubase, or is there another way?

All I have to say is THANK GOD cubase has a search feature when loading plugins, as 90% of the time I know what I want, type a few letters and load it. However on the times when I what to try out different “distortion” plugins for example, I would like to see all my available distortion plugins in a single folder. It seems I have to manually create these subfolders in order to achieve this. If this is not true, PLEASE let me know, as I’m simply looking for the best way to organize my plugins in Cubase.

So if you’ve had any success and/or any problems PLEASE share them. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!

I too wonder about how best to organize plugs so they show up the way one wants in Cubase. On question number 1. How about renaming the plug you want to put to sleep or get rid of, by changing the extension name? Example: plug.dll.OFF or you could try plug.dXX . I have not tried this but it should work. If you try it let us know how it works out.


Thank you for your suggestion, but If I’m going to go as far as renaming all the VST2’s that have VST3 equivalents, I might as well simply remove them from the VST2 folder, as this would be much quicker than renaming IMO. My only fear is that if I ever use a program that needs VST2s because it cannot read VST3, but perhaps thats not a real concern?

1. Is there a way in cubase to tell it to ignore VST2 plugins if VST3 are available?

Open “Plug-in Information” from the “Devices” menu. There you can disable some VST2 versions, keeping only VST3 for each plugin with multiple versions (you can also tell cubase to load only a 64 bits version for a plugin with 32 and 64 bits installed)

Yeah I hear you but really it only takes less than 5 seconds to rename an extension. If you are doing multiple plugs you could also cont-C (copy to memory) the new extension name and it would be a little quicker. Where renaming shines is if you want to have the plug come back to life. You simply rename it back to the original and maybe rescan it, then your up and running. Otherwise you would have to reinstall them if you simply delete them.


This will mess with other programs that I use (Sound forge, for example). I think using plugin information is easier (you need to do this only once) and much safer (I need VST2 versions working correctly to use outside Cubase).

There is no need to reinstall or delete any plugin. Just tick or uncheck inside plugin information page and click refresh (no need to close and reopen Cubase).

This looks like a good solution to 1. question. I see where you are doing this in the “plugin information window” on the far left column marked “Active”. However I do see where some plugs are not able to be deactivated on my end??? Seems strange, but true.


Do a rescan.

Gave the rescan a shot and no go. Does not seem to be a real pattern to the plugs that are stuck with the checkmark on. I think most of the them are .dll but I also have many of those that can be deactivated. From here it looks like one might have to use both methods to get ride of them. By that I mean deactivation and possible renaming. I would certainly do a rescan after changing the name, after which I assume they would disappear? Certainly if you have external programs outside of Cubase that you want to use the plugs, renaming will not be a good option.


However I do see where some plugs are not able to be deactivated on my end???

Are you sure they’re not being used in the project you have open??

Hi Grim,
You know I thought of that and indeed some were, but others were not. At least I thought so. I just checked now, with Cubase open and NO project open. It looks like in the end you nailed it as I can disable any plug I desire. Good deal and thanks as I would have revisited the issue without your post!