Cubase VST *.prt files

Is there a way to import these older Cubase VST *.prt quantization files into C6?

Or work around?

I see someone asked this in August with no answer.

And I found this:


Check this post

and here’s the link for pc:

Thanks Ghost …

I should have searched inside the forum instead of using Google. Duh!

So I guess now the queston becomes: Once you load these presets into an earlier version, how do you bring them forward to import into C6?

I am guessing … based upon the sticky here with all the quanization grooves … that you just make a blank 2 or 4 bar midi file using the grid setup from the earlier version, give the midi file a recognizable name and export it and then import it into C6.

Does this sound right?


Install SX3
Goto Menu > File > Import > Cubase Part.
Save as .cpr
Now you can open the file in a higher version of Cubase.
You can expect to lose some datainfo, but atleast not all is lost.

Much appreciated!