Cubase VST re-install issue

I have the original disk for Cubase VST 5.1 and I want to install it on my new Dell.
It installs ok but when I launch it I get an error message that says I don’t have driver
nsynas32.sys. What can I do about this?

That must be an elicenser driver? Here:

Try the latest version elicenser download.

Cubase VST used a printer port dongle. Your Dell probably doesnt have a printer port and it sounds like you’re missing the dongle.

I would strongly recommend just buying Cubase Pro 9.5, which will allow you to run Cubase SX 3. SX 3 allows you to convert old Cubase VST projects to the modern format, which can be edited in the latest version.

Cubase has improved tremendously in the past 18 years and is a much faster and more efficient DAW now. Both MIDI and audio editing are way better.