Cubase VST with Roland JV-1080

I open my Cubase VST sequencer and assign the performance mode as an instrument name for the midi channel. Now I assign a performance to that midi channel, but I cannot see the individual parts in the patch name script – like in
the patch mode. I can only assign the performance, meaning I cannot look for the individual patch names/ parts of the performance directly in the cubase sequencer. So I’ve got to change all the individual parts at the JV itself. Is there a way to do that via the sequencer without turning the konbs at the JV-1080? As well: Do i have to set up a unique performance for each song that i sequence?

Yes, I can change every patch on every midi channel in the performance mode, but cannot find a way to do that via midi (cubase vst sequencer). I can only change the patches on the Roland by pushing the knobs, but I want to do it directly in my sequencer program. Cubase ask me to assign a patch script for every midi channel. If I choose “patches” everything works fine, I can see all patches and choose them. But the patch mode works only for one channel and the other channels are mute. If I assign a midi channel as a performance patch script I cannot see the individual parts of that performance, only the performance name itself. Any way out?

This is how I do it in cubase 6.0.1 :- Open a new project with 1 midi channel. In the inspector change the output to JV 1080 and set the required patch ( ensure your 1080 is set to performance mode either manually or send the following sys-ex message F0 41 10 6A 12 00 00 00 00 00 00 F7 ) Now create another midi channel and change the midi channel number to 2 ( if cubase hasnt done this for you ) select a different patch for this channel. Check that the output for this new channel is set to JV 1080. Repeat for as many channels as you require up to 16 ( channel 10 is reserved for drums dont forget.

Hope this helps and sorry I didnt see your post earlier.