Cubase VST32 5.0

I have recently upgraded my PC with Windows 10. I know my Cubase VST32 5.0 is now obsolete but it is what I am used to. I am a solo performer using backing tracks and use Cubase to simply master them from purchased midi files. Firstly there is no connection interface for the Steinerg toggle (key). I have purchased a USB adapter but it doesn’t appear to work. When I attempt to open Cubase a dorp down box tells me that the “driver for the protection device is not installed or activated” and to “please install again” which I have done several times without success. Can anyone tell me if Cubase VST32 5.0 is compatible with Windows 10 and if so how do I get it to work?

No way!

It’s so old they don’t update the drivers for it anymore.

I had to stop using XP because you can’t surf with it anymore.

Get an old Desktop with XP on it, people give them away, and just use it for your music machine if you absolutely have to have it.

You’d be better off getting new version. There’s free software that can do what you need, like Reaper(almost free) and others.

Read the sticky announcements on top of the forum page?

Please just get the latest version of Cubase. It will only take a few days to get used to and you’ll be able to work much faster than it was possible with Cubase VST. Even if you could get VST 5.0 to run on Windows 10 it would be buggy as hell.

Cubase VST was a mess even when it was new. Cubase has improved tremendously since then. Everything is faster and more logically laid out.

They actually make USB to parallel port adapters that you then have to setup so that programs can find them (i.e. show me as LPT-1). But, you still have a bunch of manual configuration to do to get VST/32 to install, run and find the port. It can be done, but it isn’t straight forward. I do disagree about VST/32 being a mess. The final versions were some of the best Cubase releases ever. There are still features there that haven’t been added back all these years later.

So although I sympathise with you perdicament, you probably should just upgrade or find an old computer with a parallel port.

I assume that people don’t miss these few features too much considering how rarely they’re brought up even by older users.

They also definitely didn’t redesign and reorganize about every element of the interface out of boredom.