Cubase wants to start in SAFE MODE?

Hello. Could someone please help me with this? i get a warning every other day or so about Cubase wanting to open in SAFE MODE? Then i have to select either to delete preferences, or open with current preferences. What causes this and how do i prevent it from continuing? i also have a huge problem with MIDI lining up when i record. It always falls before the beat. And i have tried ticking and un-ticking system time stamp, direct, and windows options. Nothing works. And also using loops from MEDIA BAY files do not line up or sync with project even though the sync with project button IS activated? Thanks. i’ve contacted Steinberg support, but have not heard anything. It’s been about 3 weeks to a month now since i first contacted them. Thank you in advance

i had this in the Issue forum and got no help
Cubase 64bit 2020.7.18 (577 KB)

I also have many problems when Cubase is closing down in the latest version. I posted in issues when I found a certain pattern to when it would do this. I think you should go to the #issues section of the board as it seems Steinberg i watching that part of the forum for bugs.

I hope it will be better for next update

Thanks G. i did post in the Issues Section to no avail. Still no one with any ideas as of yet.

The only time this ever happened to me (a long time ago) it was related to a third party plugin.

If you have 3rd party plugins I’d suggest removing them from the plugins directory.

You’ll see the safe mode window when you relaunch the program after it has crashed. This is to allow you to troubleshoot the issue. If you don’t want to troubleshoot the issue then just select open with current preferences.

I too have issues on closing, it’s years since I had a similar problem - which turned out to be caused by BFD and was resolved quite quickly by FxPansion.

I’m really not sure that this is plugin related, it could be involving Windows updates and security. I suggest this because after I went to 2004. Cubase 10.5.20 would crash every time on close, but in the last week or so after some further small Windows updates, it works normally maybe 80% of the time.

At least that was the case until I tried the premium version of Malware Bytes in the last few days. I believe this software bypasses Microsoft Defender?

Cubase has been hanging really badly again until just now, when I removed Malwarebytes after the trial period expired. Since then and whilst writing this I have opened Cubase six times, with six different projects, edited, saved and closed - always using the top corner x - and it has behaved normally. This is the best it’s been on 10.5.20 by far, in fact I can’t make it fail at the moment.

One final note is that when Cubase was closing badly, the Anti Malware Service Executable (which is part of Defender) was using a significant amount of computer resources around 15%. Now it’s much less than 1%. I’d be interested to know if anyone else has had similar behaviour?

i too have had issues since the Windows Update 2020 or 2004? Planarchist you say move all third party plugins to a folder of their own? Or, remove them totally? Because there is one plugin that’s a favorite of mine (URS Saturation) which i use jBridge with that would not even install in Windows latest update. i had to go back to the previous version of Windows (19xx). i must’ve reinstalled Windows and programs and plugins at least 3 times :angry:. And on top of this, i do not think that URS will be updating their software to 64 bit for PC. Which is a bummer.

Again and again! i keep getting this. Cubase keeps silently crashing. What can i do? :question:
Cubase 64bit 2020.7.23 (411 KB)

It was happening to me a lot, but I’ve got a weird situation. I have a lot of Steinberg programs.
When I would use groove agent in pro or GA SE in pro or elements, and the program tried to load samples that weren’t there, were deleted, or that I might not have a license for, it would totally freeze up, and I would have to use safe mode after getting out of it.
I’m pretty sure it was caused by me downloading GA5 and not having a license for it. I thought it was included in the Absolute 3 program I got, but that one actually included GA 4. I also might have deleted some samples by mistake - user error.

Anyways - it caused me so much grief that I deleted anything that was GA related and haven’t had a freeze up since.
I suppose I could start from scratch and d/l all the programs again, but I never really used that one much.
Probably won’t help in your case, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyways.

Thanks for your input F. All of the necessary GA files seem to be in place so far. Maybe WAVES plugins are interfering with Cubase? :confused: And also my Media Bay files do not play back in sync with project even though the proper buttons are activated. :unamused: